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Need to upgrade your home computer, gaming computer or laptop? Need more hard drive storage? Want the latest 4k graphics card? You're in good care with RNS IT & Data Solutions!

Our upgrade service includes the collection and re-delivery of your computer, installation and setup of your new components, and finally a full "burn-in" test to ensure that everything is working properly. It is ideal for those wanting a professional service with the peace of mind that goes with it.

Old Computer? No problems!


If you are not happy with how your desktop PC or laptop performs, chances are it has a plain-old hard drive (HDD) inside. It is likely large enough to store all your files, but the old technology it is based on makes it extremely slow by modern standards - applications, software and programs take a long time to load and transfer speeds are low. Basically, it is the reason why your device does not feel as fast and zippy as a new, high-end PC. Fortunately, you can give it a new lease on life.

The first upgrade that you should look at is a Solid State Drive (SSD). It is a huge improvement over virtually any HDD, as it will greatly improve loading times and data transfer speeds, making your device feel much more zippy responsive,. It also  reduces noise and power consumption.

Most SSDs don’t offer a lot of storage capacity as an older style Hard Drive, so they’re relatively expensive on a per-gigabyte basis compared with mechanical hard drives but modern SSDs are many times faster than their mechanical cousins so it stands to reason that installing one in an older PC will improve the system’s performance.

Any PC running a CPU introduced within the past six or seven years (that is, an AMD Phenom; an Intel Atom, Core 2, or Core i3/i5/i7; or any newer processor family) is a good candidate for an SSD upgrade. You’ll still see a performance boost with an SSD even if your CPU is older than those mentioned. In such cases, however, it’s probably time to put that computer out to pasture, because there are many other advancements—chipset improvements, new bus technologies, faster I/O ports—that you can’t get short of replacing your motherboard (at a minimum).

You should also consider an SSD upgrade if you’re buying a new computer. A PC with a mid-range CPU and an SSD (or an SSD cache for a mechanical hard drive) will start up faster and feel significantly faster than a computer that’s hobbled by a slow hard drive, even if it has a higher-end CPU.

Speed up your computer…

Lack of RAM memory could be the number one reason for a slow computer. Increasing your computer RAM memory is a simple process and can, in most cases, increase speed by as much as 100%. Memory prices have fallen dramatically over the years so you would benefit greatly at a tiny cost. 

Increase processing power…

Sometimes RAM alone isn’t enough. You just can’t extract blood out of a stone, as they say. The faster the processor, the faster tasks are performed, the more responsive it will become and faster it will starts. Most motherboards allow for its processor to be upgraded at a fraction of the price of a newer system.


CD’s, DVD’s, Blueray, Dual-layer, Writable…

Things have moved on a bit since the CD era. So it is normal that you find yourself wanting to perform certain tasks that go far beyond the capabilities of the humble CD. Tell us what you need and we can advise you on the best solution for your needs.

A better gaming experience…

So you’ve upgraded a few bits but you still can’t play your favourite game. Your graphics card just can’t keep up with the memory and speed hungry images, it’s all just too heavy for your little Graphics Card to handle. Well, we can sort that out too. Get in touch!


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