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Securing a domain name is a perfect step forward using the Web to achieve success.

Even if you’re not yet ready to build out a Web site, you can “park” your domain name until you’re ready to develop your Web site. Having a Web site has become a standard element of a business owner’s marketing plan.

Here are just a few reasons to consider:

  • If you don’t secure a domain name for your business, your competitors might get there first
    Many people register domain names to make sure no one can trade on the name they’ve built for themselves.
  • It’s a smart investment to make for your future
    Lots of people secure domain names now for the future when they’ll have time to develop their ideas.
  • Having a domain name is a way to get exposure for your business
    If your business helps people save money on taxes, setting up a Web site using the words ‘save money on taxes’ will help you get greater exposure for your business using the Web as a marketing channel.


Tips for Choosing A Good Domain Name

What is a good domain name? Start with some of these factors to consider when choosing a good domain name.

Pick a .com (or a extension. In most cases, .com is the perfect choice. This is because .com is the standard, the norm.
Most users assume a company’s website will end with .com; after all, 70% of all websites have a .com extension (and in Australia

To register a domain name you will need an ABN, ARBN, or ACN

Be memorable. Users must be able remember your domain name and brand.

Be relevant. Words have implicit meanings and connotations; do some research to ensure that your domain name communicates your desired message.

Easy to spell. Your domain name should be easy to spell. Try to avoid misspelled words, intentional misspellings and hyphens.
If you purchase a domain name with numerals, say, also purchase the domain name with the number spelled out –

Sound authoritative. Your domain name should sound like it is a trustworthy authority.

Shorter is better. Keep your domain name small or short; 1 or 2 words is best. The top 50,000 websites, have nine characters in their domain names.

Be unique. One of your marketing targets should be to build a distinctive brand that stands out from all your competitors.


14 JULY 2020 - NEWS: 

Yesterday it was announced that Webcentral Group, which includes the brand Netregistry and Melbourne IT, recommended a scheme of arrangement to its shareholders to be wholly acquired by multi-billion dollar US company Group Inc.
This is the same business who recently acquired Dreamscape Networks, which included brands such as Crazy Domains and Vodien.
This will mean that more than 75% of the Australian domain name & hosting market share will be foreign owned.
How will this affect you?
If your domain names and web hosting services are already with RNS IT & Data Solutions then this announcement won’t affect you (and thank you!!!!)
But if anybody you know still has services with these brands you may want to think about transferring them to us as soon as you can because:
  1. You will be supporting a truly local company that provides Australian-based service and technical support.
  2. You will have peace of mind knowing that all of your customer data and private information will remain right here in Australia.
  3. You will avoid paying unnecessary overseas transaction fees with your bank as they process their payments offshore.





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Google is showing warnings within Chrome, cautioning users that websites without SSL are not secure.
If you rely on SEO and organic traffic- a non-ssl website will cause your rankings to drop.