Our web hosting services delivers superior up-time and performance, premium features and priority technical support at no extra cost.

Network Redundancy

Our optimized network routing is supported by multiple, top-tier providers to provide redundancy at all points along the network path.

Security and Reliability

24 hour server monitoring is provided at a physically secure data center with power backup.
Virtualization of Linux servers ensure hardware failure will have a minimal impact and downtime.

Data Backup

Daily server backups ensure your site will not be lost in the event of a disaster.

Linux + Direct Admin & CPanel

We use the most popular and reliable web server software: Linux + Direct Admin & CPanel to ensure your website loads quickly and securely. Our server software is always up-to-date to maximize protection against hackers.

Why choose an Australian Hosting Business?

Choosing a suitable hosting provider is always difficult when you’re branching into the world of web hosting and development. It is a decision that requires careful consideration, and ultimately, comes down to convenience, cost-efficiency and reliability.

Deciding to go with an Australian host is always a valuable move for your business, as there are many benefits that will drive your business on the road to success. Here are 5 reasons why you should always host your website in Australia.

Reason 1: Faster Service Speed

If your business is Australian based, it makes sense to host locally here in Australia.

Having your website hosted overseas can cause noticeable performance issues for visitors located in Australia due to the fact that each request has to travel significantly further to load the content on your webpage.

When hosting your website overseas, you’re not only selling yourself short of potential customers, you’re also exposing your visitors to an unpleasant experience that may ruin your online reputation.

Although the hosting location itself plays a pivotal role in the speed and performance of your website, you’ll also want to make sure that your website is fully optimised to further enhance its performance.

Reason 2: Supporting Local Australian Business

Not only are you providing jobs for the local community, you’re also supporting the Australian economy.

Because you’re dealing with local currency, you won’t need to worry about price fluctuations due to changes in dollar value. This allows you to easily manage your finances and budget accordingly as you always know Australian prices won’t fluctuate and will always include GST.

Reason 3: Timely Support

From our experience dealing with both local and international support, we know that when you go local you’re going to be dealing with the highest quality support available. Operating in the same time zone is extremely beneficial in regards to support, as you’re able to receive a significantly faster response to your issue.

Reason 4: Server Performance & Maintenance

When deciding where you want to host your online services, it’s important to take into account whether your hosting provider is using high-quality infrastructure and whether they’re following a timely maintenance schedule to ensure that your services stay secure and remains up-to-date.

When you’re dealing with a hosting provider in the same time-zone, it definitely makes life easier when they need to perform maintenance on their systems as it should always be done during off-peak times to ensure that it won’t adversely affect your business. If you’re dealing with an international hosting provider, this may not always be the case!

Reason 5: Can affect your SEO

The SEO of your website can be affected by the location of your hosting provider, this is because Google’s spiders crawl your website and index all of the information they find in Google’s database for future reference.

When the majority of your visitors are located in Australia and Google’s database indicates you’re located elsewhere, this can cause incongruous location targeting problems that may lead to your website being ranked lower in Google searches. Essentially, if you’re targeting content toward Australian viewers, having your website hosted on an overseas platform can confuse ranking algorithms and negatively affect your SEO.